Episode #04: How To Elevate Your Podcast Experience To The Next Level

Today’s episode is short and sweet for TWO reasons:

  1. I want to give you the opportunity to go back and finish up any episode you may not have completed yet.
  2. I want you to re-listen to the shows with a newfound perspective. Especially after listening to today’s episode, go back and listen for something you may have missed 😉

Last thing I want to do is for you to just binge on these episodes every week without applying any of the valuable lessons hidden with each episode.

Like I said, I earned my nickname as “The People’s Coach” and you’re going to start to see and experience just a taste of how that came to be!

Happy Monday! #makingmondaysgreatagain

Published by Angelo Liloc

Founder & CEO at Mod3rn Fitness™

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